viziSAW is a VTK Scientific Visualization Tutorial (vizi) concieved and maintained by Steven Wright, Andrew Faust, and Will Munn (SAW).

Steven Wright is in his senior year here at the University and is majoring in Computer Science. Steven has used and programmed in C++, Java, JavaScript, Java Servlet Page, Perl, and Scheme. At SUU Steven has taken many CS classes namely Concurrent programming, Graphic Programming, Algorithms, Web Programming and is currently taking a Scientific Visualization class.

Steven comes from a large family and hopes to one day have one. He is happily married and has started his family with a beautiful 2 year old daughter. Steven enjoys spending time with his friends in a wide variety of activities but enjoys camping, hiking, and paintball the most.

Andrew Faust's father started him on programming at age twelve with Alpha Basic on the old Alpha Micro mainframe. From there he started learning about computer hardware as well.

From there he spent years just tinkering with code until he started working for his father's company Systems Research. While working for Systems Research he worked mainly with VB on accounting apps. He also worked on a voice mail system.

After highschool Andrew went on to SUU where he attended for a year, and while there studied x86 Assembly, and got his first introduction to C++. After spending a year at SUU he transfered to USU citing a dislike for SUU's CS program (it got much better since). While at USU Andrew took clear through Calc 3, and calc based physics.

Once again Andrew transferred down to SUU as he received a job at a company in St. George called Aradyme Development. At Aradyme Andrew works mainly on their internet client/server code.

The Languages Andrew knows well are:
Microsoft Visual Basic
Borland Delphi

Additional languages Andrew is familiar with:
x86 Assembly

Andrew is also an avid paintballer. He can be found every Saturday playing paintball in St. George, and if you wish to come out he will happily light you up.

Will Munn is a Junior CS Major at Southern Utah University. He has an object oriented programming background in C++ and Java and is currently studying C and C#. Will has also been a student of the internet since 1994 when he taught himself HTML. In the following years he has studied graphic design at Dixie State College, and advanced web design techniques using CSS and client/server scripting with Perl, Javascript, and PHP at SUU.

Will is married to his wonderful wife Meri and they have 3 sons and a baby girl on the way. For fun he enjoys spending time with his family, working with computers, and snowboarding. Atfer graduating, Will plans to move to the Pacific Northwest and get a job programming UI or database interaction.


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