TCL/TK Tutorial

The TCL/TK tutorial is designed so that even beginners in TCL/TK and VTK should be able to pick it up easily.

Part 1: Installation is an easy to follow guide to installing the core VTK packages and data as well as the TCL/TK package and language itself.

Part 2: Visualizing Molecules will show some of the flexibility of this powerful tool.

Part 3: Visualizing Terrain teaches interfacing with Terragen, a powerful terrain generator.

Part 4: Interactive Visualizations shows how to use TCL/TK keyword in combination with VTK to enable manipulation of vizualizations on the fly.

Part 5: Geometric Shapes and Texturing has code snippets that demonstrate the visualization of multiple geometric primatives.
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TCL/TK Tutorial

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TCL/TK Tutorial
Part 1: Installation
Part 2: Molecules
Part 3: Terrain
Part 4: Interactive
Part 5: Shapes